Rachel Cawley

Meet the Team: Rachel Cawley

Rachel Cawley is a Program Manager at UPMC Enterprises where she helps evaluate PHDA proposals, …

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Mike Yeomans Featured Image

Meet the Team: Mike Yeomans

Mike Yeomans is the Marketing and Events Manager at the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute. …

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Ari Lightman

Meet the Team: Ari Lightman

Ari Lightman is a Professor of Digital Media and Marketing as well as Commercialization Advisor …

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Julie Cramer

Meet the Team: Dr. Julie Cramer

Julie Cramer, PhD, is a Technology Commercialization Associate at the Innovation Institute, University of Pittsburgh. …

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Our Outlook for 2020

2019 was an exciting year for the PHDA. We teamed up with Amazon Web Services …

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Kathrin Gassei

Meet the Team: Dr. Kathrin Gassei

Kathrin Gassei, MSc, PhD, is the Senior Program Manager at the Center for Commercial Applications …

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Meet the Team: Dr. Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, PhD, is the Assistant Director of Commercial Translation Programs at sciVelo, which is …

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Meet the Team: Dr. Mike Becich

Mike Becich, MD, PhD, is a distinguished university professor and the inaugural chairman of the …

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Joe Marks

Meet the Team: Dr. Joe Marks

Joe Marks, PhD, is the Executive Director of the Center for Machine Learning and Health …

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NLP photo

Potential of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare

Health Catalyst published the report “Healthcare NLP: The Secret to Unstructured Data’s Full Potential,” based …

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Project Spotlight: OncoBioelectrx

Despite the use of targeted therapies, lung cancer causes 25% of all annual cancer deaths, …

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Project Spotlight: SpIntellx

SpIntellx is a computational and systems pathology company providing explainable AI guides to pathologists and …

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