PPT Featured Image

Behind the Scenes: How the Personalized Pain Treatment Project is Supported by UPMC Enterprises

In a behind-the-scenes look at the Personalized Pain Treatmentâ„¢ project, learn how UPMC Enterprises provides …

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Multimodal Biomarkers

Project Spotlight: Multimodal Biomarkers (update)

Professor Louis-Philippe Morency, Finmeccanica Associate Professor of Computer Science in the Language Technology Institute …

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Cardiac Outcomes

Project Spotlight: Predicting Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest (update)

When we last checked in with Dr. Jonathan Elmer, primary investigator for the Predicting Outcomes After …

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Project Spotlight: Norovirus Sensor (update)

We first learned about the Norovirus Sensor Project in 2020. The research team was combining …

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Project Spotlight: FastMRI

The FastMRI Project seeks to minimize the length of an MRI exam without having to …

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Project Spotlight: CHP VIEW

CHP VIEW aims to improve outcomes of hospitalized children by predicting critical deterioration outside of …

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Project Spotlight: Brain Tsunamis (update)

We recently checked in with Dr. Pulkit Grover, Angel Jordan Associate Professor of Electrical & …

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Aviva Featured Image

Project Spotlight: Aviva (update)

In the intensive care unit (ICU), patient rounds are a vital process that allow healthcare …

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READE-IONM and its Path to Commercialization

The Realtime Evaluation for Adverse Events using Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (READE-IONM) team has built a …

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Diagnosis Coding Engine Image

Project Spotlight: Diagnosis Coding Engine

Medical diagnostic errors impact 12 million adults each year in the US. A key reason …

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Introducing Naima Health

Naima Health was spun out from CMU and Pitt to develop and commercialize the MyHealthyPregnancy …

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SpIntellx Featured Image

Project Spotlight: SpIntellx (update)

We first learned about SpIntellx on the blog in 2019. SpIntellx is a computational and …

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