Get to know UPMC Enterprises

UPMCEUPMC Enterprises serves as the UPMC partner to the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance (PHDA). Given UPMC Enterprises’ charter for innovation and commercialization, we are well-suited to support the goals of the PHDA and the researchers who aspire to change the practice of medicine. UPMC Enterprises is made up of product developers, software engineers, entrepreneurs and other experts that can help guide a PHDA research team towards their goal of commercialization. UPMC Enterprises also has connections to the broader UPMC system that can give PHDA researchers clinical insight to make their new technology stronger and more relevant in a real-world setting.

What does UPMC Enterprises do?

In a broader context, UPMC Enterprises is the innovation, commercialization, and venture capital arm of UPMC. We develop and invest in technology that is helping to solve some of the hardest and most complex problems in healthcare. Our mission is to transform ideas into thriving businesses and life changing medicine.

To achieve this goal, we tap into the vast network of UPMC’s health system, including patients, providers, and payors. These relationships and resources allow us to monitor emerging trends in health care and to identify, support, and commercialize scientific breakthroughs that translate into significant improvements in medical care and technology.

As a result, UPMC Enterprises maintains a diverse portfolio, supporting both early and growth stage companies that fall within our current focus areas – translational sciences and digital solutions. We invest in and support the development and commercialization of cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics while also providing strategic, technical, and financial insights to build innovative products and launch novel technologies.

How does UPMC Enterprises support the PHDA?

Armed with investment experience and health system resources, UPMC Enterprises supports the PHDA in a variety of ways:

  • Working with each Center to select research projects sponsored by the PHDA
  • Providing financial support for each PHDA research project
  • Offering commercial guidance to PHDA researchers
  • Fostering connections between PHDA researchers and appropriate clinicians at UPMC
What we are looking forward to in 2022 for the PHDA

We look forward to continuing our PHDA mission and working with our partners to find researchers at Pitt and CMU with new perspective on addressing the challenges in healthcare, especially as it relates to harnessing big data for the benefit of quality patient care.