Meet the Team: sciVelo Commercial Translation Associates

Meet Joe Maggiore and Allie Heymann, Commercial Translation Associates at sciVelo. sciVelo is part of the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute accelerating life and health sciences translational research and commercialization. sciVelo advances Pitt’s translational research ecosystem through a transdisciplinary team of over 20 practicing scientists, clinicians, and translational research experts.

Joe Maggiore is a Commercial Translation Associate at sciVelo working with the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data (CCA) team and PHDA. His role is to help faculty members guide and develop projects with a digital health focus to be best aligned toward a commercial translation path. Allie Heymann is also a Commercial Translation Associate at sciVelo as part of the CCA. She assists project teams that are working on digital health solutions.

What led you to the PHDA?

Joe MaggioreJoe: As a medical student, I feel the future of patient-centered healthcare will be reliant on the principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the management of large datasets. As I look forward to this career, I think a necessary step to successfully incorporating these principles into the healthcare setting is an intimate understanding of how these projects/questions are developed, the methods they utilize, how to interpret the answers, and ultimately how they are translated into the commercial space. Working with the PHDA offers a unique perspective to learn about this area and see first-hand how researchers utilize large datasets to mine critical information for patients of the future.

Allie HeymannAllie: Prior to starting medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, I was a clinical project manager for Epic Systems. I worked on a first in country installation at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) in Lebanon and developed a strong appreciation for the power of both medical care and digital records. When I began my first year here at Pitt, I wanted to retain my connection to the work that I had done with AUBMC/Epic – sciVelo and the PHDA were a natural fit!

Where are you originally from?

Joe: I am originally from Manalapan, NJ. I moved to Pittsburgh to join the MD-PhD Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at the University of Pittsburgh.

Allie: I have lived in many places over the past ten years, but I consider Portland, OR my home. I spent my young childhood in Singapore, went to college in DC, and spent the years after college between Madison, WI, Beirut, and Baltimore, MD. But I am an Oregon girl at heart! I moved here for medical school! I absolutely loved Pitt when I came to visit and was immediately struck by the school’s community – each student I met was passionate, driven, and unique. I also appreciated that Pitt welcomed non-traditional medical students. Prior to starting at Pitt, I did a career changer post-baccalaureate program at Goucher College to meet the medical school curriculum requirements. I originally graduated with a degree in international relations and environmental science, and Pitt Med saw that as an asset! 

What’s a fun fact people don’t know about you?

Allie: I did an Ironman Triathlon on a dare! It was well worth it, but the training involved (and the race itself) nearly killed me.

What have been your biggest takeaways from the PHDA?

Joe: My biggest takeaway from working with the PHDA is that as complex as machine learning projects can be, successful projects often rely on the same basic principles of commercialization that are often so foundational. These projects require a very specific project question/topic, along with core demonstrated clinical need, and the development of a true interdisciplinary team. While machine learning and artificial intelligence projects have lots of nuance to the project content itself, commercial translation of science has basic foundations that are critical to ML/AI health care translation!

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