Meet the Team: Peter Kant

Peter Kant shares about where his career began and what he’s most excited about in healthcare.


Peter Kant bio photoPeter Kant is a Program Manager at the Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data at the University of Pittsburgh where he manages the Center’s operations.





Where did your career begin? 

My career began at Pitt in the School of Medicine. I developed educational technologies supporting medical students, residents, fellows, practicing clinicians, and other health professionals. The most important lesson I learned was that people respond best to encouragement and instrumental support – you have to “walk the talk” beside them.


What have been your biggest takeaways from the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance? 

The Alliance has proven to me that Pittsburgh is an AMAZING place for professionals. There are a multitude of opportunities to be professionally involved with cutting-edge, life-changing, science-fiction-like research and product development here in Pittsburgh with Pitt, Carnegie Mellon, and UPMC.


What trends are you most excited about today in data and healthcare? Why? 

I am excited about empowering individuals through well-tailored applications that permit meaningful access and use of one’s data within healthcare and other domains. Making a health-related change is personal. If we want to change ourselves, it’ll be easier to do so if there’s contextualized evidence to change that comes from data about you.


Where do you see Pittsburgh in the next 5 – 10 years? Where do you see the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance? 

I see Pittsburgh growing via increased focus on technology-enabled healthcare solutions. I see the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance fitting right in the middle of that due to the data, the minds, and the resources of Pitt, CMU, and UPMC.


What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you? 

I hitchhiked across the entire length of Japan.