2019 PHDA Year in Review

As we come to the end of 2019, our team is reflecting back on some …

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Meet the Team: Dr. Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, PhD, is the Assistant Director of Commercial Translation Programs at sciVelo, which is …

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A Digital Healthcare Team: Caring for the Aging Population

My role at the Center is to serve as a faculty liaison for CMLH researchers, …

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Meet the Team: Dr. Mike Becich

Mike Becich, MD, PhD, is a distinguished university professor and the inaugural chairman of the …

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Machine Learning

Project Spotlight: PI Predictor

Shandong Wu, PhD, is a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at the …

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Creating the future of healthcare: The PHDA takes on HLTH 2019

PHDA leadership, including  Zariel Johnson, Program Manager at UPMC Enterprises, and Don Taylor, Co-Director of …

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Project Spotlight: Brain Tsunamis

The last decade of research has established that Cortical Spreading Depolarizations (CSDs), or “Brain Tsunamis,” …

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Joe Marks

Meet the Team: Dr. Joe Marks

Joe Marks, PhD, is the Executive Director of the Center for Machine Learning and Health …

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Project Spotlight: Clinical Genomics Modeling Platform

Carl Kingsford, PhD, and Christopher Langmead, PhD, both hold doctorates in computer science and specialize …

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NLP photo

Potential of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare

Health Catalyst published the report “Healthcare NLP: The Secret to Unstructured Data’s Full Potential,” based …

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PHDA Teams Up with Amazon Web Services to Improve Patient Care Through Machine Learning

In the latest sign of Pittsburgh’s growing importance as a center of health care …

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AWS Spotlight: Precision Medicine Projects

The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance recently teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve …

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