PHDA hosts co-sponsored webinar with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Since teaming up in 2019 to improve patient care through machine learning (ML), the PHDA and AWS hosted their first co-sponsored webinar focusing on available AWS tools for ML and artificial intelligence (AI), how to use ML tools for maximum efficiency, and how to develop and launch research algorithms and models within AWS.

On March 25, 2021 at 12pm EST, the PHDA and AWS hosted a free webinar titled: AWS ML and AI Tools in a Modern Healthcare Data Platform.

AWS provides the cloud technology to improve value-based, data-driven healthcare decision-making and looks for ways to put new and innovative solutions in the hands of healthcare providers to make them more efficient, reduce burnout, and improve care quality. Their solutions are built around a modern healthcare data platform, supporting faster time to derive insights, with enhanced interactive query and processing performance as well as lower costs.

This webinar focused on use cases supported by this modern healthcare data platform, such as:

  • data ingestion and storage with custom interfaces,
  • unstructured data transformation and analysis,
  • medical AI/ML model development and inferencing,
  • as well as data sharing and collaboration.

The presentation highlighted AI and ML capabilities offered by AWS SageMaker, and the projects enabled by those offerings.

The following open-source solutions on AWS were discussed: medical image search, DICOM annotation using SageMaker, medical image analysis using MONAI framework, audio-based COVID-19 diagnosis, genomics cloud computing, predictive disease modeling, medical transcription analysis, population health application, and more.

AWS briefly talked about Co-Pilot Accelerator program focusing on precision medicine, through which they are looking for academic collaborators for new enablement.

Gang Fu HeadshotDr. Gang Fu, Senior Solutions Architect on the Worldwide Public Sector Education team at AWS, presented this information. Dr. Fu earned his PhD in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Mississippi in 2012 and pursued his postdoctoral fellowship at NCBI/NLM/NIH. Dr. Fu has more than 10 years of technology and biomedical research experience with over 20 peer-reviewed publications and 3000 citations. He is passionate about cloud-based technology and the impact it can make on the healthcare industry.

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