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This piece from MedCity News takes a look at why patient-generated health data has immense value, some of today’s challenges in harvesting quality data, and what the future may hold.

Adoption of AI in wellness and healthcare is picking up pace. This piece provides a look at some of the technical and ethical challenges that need to be considered, and how companies are addressing these important questions today.

Rare diseases have long been difficult to diagnose and treat. Now, AI may offer tools that can be used to accelerate diagnosis, even when data is sparse and heterogeneous.


Ari Lightman, a professor of digital media and marketing at CMU and an adviser with the center, discussed the healthcare numbers and data that are out there, how they could be used, what could go wrong, and how COVID-19 changed the conversation.

Part of a larger series, this Healthcare IT News piece includes perspectives from three CIOs, a CMIO, and an innovation VP on lessons learned during the past year and forward-facing strategies in tech-enabled healthcare.

Leaders in healthcare security speak on some of the top challenges and safeguards when it comes to maintaining safety in an evolving healthcare world.


This part of a ZD Net special feature on Turning Data Sciences into Business Strategy dives into the growth in AI and healthcare, why trends have remained strong through a challenging year, and what we might expect next.

The Verge features a writeup on a recent study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine that tested whether Google Translate is ready for prime time use in providing medical instructions.

Forbes provides a helpful look at the Top 50 AI companies to watch, including several notable companies in the healthcare space.