Three Pittsburgh Institutions. One Goal.

The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance represents an unprecedented collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Pittsburgh, and UPMC.

Today’s healthcare system generates massive amounts of data – patient information in the electronic health record, diagnostic imaging, prescriptions, genomic profiles, insurance records, even data from wearable devices. Information has always been essential for guiding the care of individuals, but computer tools now make it possible to use that data to provide deeper insights into disease itself.

By combining forces, we have an unparalleled opportunity to move learning derived from data into solutions that can seamlessly reach patients. The University of Pittsburgh brings expertise in medical research, Carnegie Mellon University brings world-class computer science and machine learning, and UPMC brings deep data, the clinical setting, and a track record of successful commercialization.

The solutions we develop will be focused on preventing the onset of disease, improving diagnosis, and enhancing quality of care. Imagine a time when data gathered from routine medical appointments can predict when an individual is headed for the emergency room. Consider a future where doctors use genetic data to develop truly personalized cancer treatment programs.

Think new diagnostic tests, treatment protocols, technology solutions, and more. Further, there is the potential to lower healthcare costs, one of the greatest challenges facing our nation. And the Alliance will also drive economic growth in Pittsburgh, attracting hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs, and generating thousands of jobs from around the world.

The future of healthcare will come together here, in western Pennsylvania.