Transforming Healthcare
Through Science and Technology

UPMC is Dedicated to the Relentless Pursuit of Innovation

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UPMC has evolved from a single psychiatric hospital into a $23 billion integrated provider and insurer system closely affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh. Along with funding the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance, UPMC provides the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University centers with clinical care spaces, extensive patient data, and investment expertise.

UPMC Enterprises, the commercialization division of UPMC, fosters innovation through the development of new technology and companies. Enterprises also engages in strategic partnerships that aim to make healthcare advancements rapidly available to hospitals and physicians across the globe.

Through pioneering science and technology, the team seeks to improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare while continuously enhancing the overall patient experience.

By developing and investing in exceptional healthcare innovations, UPMC Enterprises takes full advantage of the vast resources of UPMC to reinvent how consumers engage with the healthcare industry. Enterprises also strives to use clinical tools to innovate care delivery and interpret data to manage risk and address new revenue models.

Our Focus Areas

We are committed to generating and enabling exceptional healthcare innovations. To remain focused, we invest our expertise, time, and capital in a select number of areas where we believe technology can have a real impact.

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Translational Sciences

Accelerate the application of scientific discoveries to deliver new models of care, narrowing the gap between bench and bedside.

Collaborate with Pittsburgh’s nationally recognized academic institutions to make healthcare more efficient, affordable, and personalized.

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Digital Solutions

Connect the entire health system with technology that empowers clinicians and payers to provide patient-centered, high-quality, compassionate care at the lowest costs.

Develop solutions that allow consumers to access medical services and information anytime, anywhere, and be engaged in all steps of their healthcare journey.

To learn more about UPMC Enterprises, please visit UPMCEnterprises.com.


Jeanne Cunicelli

Jeanne Cunicelli

President, UPMC Enterprises

Executive Vice President, UPMC

Jeanne Cunicelli, a veteran venture capitalist in the life sciences industry, became an executive vice president of UPMC and president …

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Jeanne Cunicelli, a veteran venture capitalist in the life sciences industry, became an executive vice president of UPMC and president of UPMC Enterprises in January 2021. Jeanne was a managing director at Bay City Capital in San Francisco before joining UPMC in 2017 to lead UPMC Enterprises’ Translational Sciences focus area.

Leveraging the multifaceted resources of a $23 billion world-renowned healthcare provider and insurer UPMC, Jeanne is leading UPMC’s efforts to commercialize its managerial and healthcare expertise. With a focus on improving the quality, efficiency, and patient experience at UPMC, the division, and its partners will then take those solutions to the broader healthcare market through two focus areas, Translational Sciences and Digital Solutions.


Wendy Zellner
Wendy Zellner

Vice President of Media Relations, UPMC

Dana McHenry

Program Manager, UPMC Enterprises

Chad Dehmer
Chad Dehmer

Director, UPMC Enterprises Operations - Opportunities and Investments